HQ-C auto scan

Scan your documents - coloured up to 380 pages per minute




Forward-looking color scan technology for an efficient work-flow.

The HQ-Scanner allows for top performance in colour scanning of documents.  Different formats can be captured at a rate of up to 380 images (duplex) per minute. Create perfect images with the integrated true colour image processing.

The HQ-Scanner is an ideal input medium for your archive:
• rapidly
• efficiently
• steadily

Perfect image quality by:
• Clip function
• Deskewing
• Border detection and cropping
• Image rotation
• JPEG compression or uncompressed
• Intelligent interactive buffer system
• Gamma and Shading correction

Now including:
• PDF export module
• Multipage TIFF export module
• Barcode recognition

• Pagination module
• Database adaptation
• Pile Feeder


When it comes to efficient document archiving Staude Imaging GmbH provides an intelligent solution and impressive quality at an attractive price.



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