mini dicofiche

 Semi automatic diazo duplicator


The mini-dicofiche is specifically designed to reproduce high production master fiche (i.e. 50x). Optimum resolution and ease of operation are prime design criteria.

The operator is guided through the system menu via LCD display. The menu directs to major system functions such as exposure time to allow processing of masters with varying densities.

Duplicating film sheets are stored in a built-in storage container. The master (microfiche or jacket) is placed onto the exposure platen and a duplicating film sheet is taken from the storage container and is placed on top of the master. By using the start button the duplicating operation is started. The platen automatically moves to the exposure station, exposure takes place and the platen returns to the original position. By means of a special rocker lever the duplicate easily can be removed and according to that be placed through the feed slot into the processing station. After a few seconds the finished duplicate falls into the receiving hopper.

The concentration of the developer is controlled and adjustable. This ensures odourless operation, minimal developer and absorber consumption.

The mini-dicofiche is switched to stand-by mode immediately after exposure, thus ensuring maximum lamp life.


Technical data:

• Copying process - sheet to sheet (silver halide) masters (microfiche or jackets) to diazofilm
• Exposure time - variable
• Exposure lamp - UV lamp, 220 V / 400 W, automatic stand-by mode
• Speed - up to 240 fiches per hour
• Chemistry - Staude Diazo developer, Staude Diazo absorber
• Principle of mechanical operation - Pneumatic, processor controlled
• Electrical requirements - 230 V / 50 Hz, 16 A fuse
• Measurements - height: 98 cm, width: 68 cm, depth: 50 cm
• Weight - 75 kg



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